I won’t pretend everything was perfect this year BUT…

🌎 I woke each day to the wonder of life and creation

🎁 I learned that need and want are two very different things

👭 I am grateful to all those I am proud to call my friends

😷 I have a great career and work with dedicated professionals

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I have the most magnificent family who love me for me

👶 Your Children grow to understand why you do what you do

💑I miss my husband when he is away and am still so in love

🎄 Christmas is not the only “most wonderful time of the year”

❤️ I love myself

Merry Christmas to all! My wish is that this is a day of reflection and amazement for each of you and that we all discover love for ourselves.

“I am whole, perfect, powerful, strong, loving, harmonious, and happy” ❤️

Doubting Thomas?

Week 13

This is a week in which a miracle was born. As good news spread of my mother’s negative cancer test I was surprised by some people’s explanation. I found that some believed in the power of positive thinking/prayer, while others dismissed the first test as human error.

Hannel, paragraph 15, claims that it will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. I firmly believe that through the many who held the positive thought of health for my mom as well as her repeated affirmation of “I am whole, perfect, powerful, strong, loving, harmonious, happy and healthy”, her repeat test was normal.

My belief in this truth is what I have. There are no facts or other explanation for the negative result. As we were planning a PET scan and deciding which new doctor would see her, our belief was that she would be healthy. Perhaps this is one of those instances which cannot be accounted for by the usual occurrences. Perhaps she possesses unusual power, after all she has survived 4 different types of cancer. Or perhaps it is the power of creative thought which produced such an outcome.

As Hannel says, every phenomenon is the result of an accurate definite cause, and the cause is an immutable law or principle. There were many laws being put into play…the law of attraction (love), the law of dual thought, the law of relaxation, and the law of substitution.

Is it forbidden ground and something that we shouldn’t know? What might you think? Are you a doubting Thomas or do you believe in the power?

Peace through practice and persistence this week❤️

Week 12


And how it applies to this past week!

My mom is the epitome of persistence. Her years of treatment and then of survival of two types of thyroid cancer and then leukemia prove this woman’s strength and determination. Desire and thought manifested the health she was determined to receive. We discovered this week that her thyroid cancer has returned after 15 or so years. She is ready to fight yet again and persevere. She will be successful.

As for me, I sometimes feel that I have taken a step back only to find that through my affirmations and readings, I too persevere. My initial fears and anxiety were replaced and dissipated with each positive word or thought. I am awakened to my desired results which positive thoughts will manifest not only for my own mental well being, but also for my mom. My thoughts as well as the thoughts of the wonderful people I have met through MKE will bring her health.

Kathy is whole, strong, powerful, perfect, persistent, loving, harmonious, happy, and healthy. Please join me in sending your thoughts her way.

Peace and Love Always,


Law of Attraction

Week 11

Over these past 11 weeks, as I study the MKE, my husband sits in the other room with the TV on. He is not one to change very easily or believe in the Laws of which we practice. He once called it “mumbo jumbo”. Little did I realize that he was listening to my webinars, calls, reading aloud, and my DMP.

This week proved he was listening. This was a week filled with faith and positive action. My husband has been out of work for 2 years. He has had many telephone interviews leading to no where but disappointment. Despite a burning desire to gain employment, no action further came from those calls.

Not this week. Monday he informed me that he had applied with a company he had forgotten about. When I asked him how he remembered, he told me that he was feeling desperation and when he “sat” and thought about it, it just came to him. His burning desire lead to his applying to this once forgotten company. He received an email that same day informing him of a telephone interview for Tuesday! The interview went well and he was very excited. He told me he again “sat” to try to reduce the anxiety he was feeling. At first his desperation was causing fear, after his sit, his desire to be successful led to confidence and gratitude. He was notified on Thursday that he was hired!

We have experienced the Law of Attraction this week. We are equipped with understanding that it is need, want, and desire which induces, guides, and determines action. The Law of Attraction is the law by which Faith is brought into manifestation. Faith being the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Darren’s new found faith brought him actions which manifested into his success.

“Mumbo Jumbo” it is not. It is the Key to our success!

Blessings to you all who persist and succeed!