Week 18 – Pay Attention

As a young child, our parents often told us to “pay attention”.  After all, we have an entire world to learn about!  How often is it that we had difficulty paying attention?  For me, I was paying attention to many things at the same time.  My curious mind was always active.  Those years leading to adulthood had many thoughts squashed.  The world no longer was my adventure.  I would need to focus more on what was necessary to “grow up”.

Through the insight and teachings of the Master Key, I have learned that thought manifests in abundance that which is brought into operation through the law of attraction.  The power of thought (great attention) brings about the equivalent of that thought.  Thought brings together that which you create.  Thoughts of abundance will respond only to similar thoughts and that thought of affluence within is the secret to attraction for affluence without.  The more you give the more you will receive.

In 18:32, it is explained that the incentive of attention is interest and that the greater the interest, the greater the attention. By paying attention, you arouse interest which attracts more attention, producing more interest and so on.  The law of attraction and the law of attention combine to produce the manifestation of your thoughts.

Find what interests you, be attentive to your world around you and within you.  Pay attention to the sounds of nature, the colors in front of you, the beauty in your partner’s face, the innocence of a toddler. Learn about the world while paying attention.  As you practice attention, you will produce more interest, which will increase attention and so on.  You will then cultivate the power of attention which ignites you within, sows the seeds of your thoughts, and manifests your desires.

May peace and love be in your heart always.

I Need A Hero – Week 17HJ

Who is your favorite hero? Its funny that I have been asked that several times growing up and often had a hard time identifying someone. I was not a big fan of the cartoon Hero. Years later, I would identify my mom, a four time cancer survivor. Then again, my grandmother, who often gave of herself and never had a bad thing to say about anyone. But I never really thought of myself to be a Hero.

In a million years I never thought I could be a transformer, have strength to fight demons, sacrifice myself for the greater good of others, find powers I never knew I had within. I am a Hero and this hero’s journey is leading me down the path of self discovery. By becoming my authentic self, I am now of service to others. I effect the lives of others around me, personally and professionally, and find myself wanting to help others more and more. I have fought my past blueprint and have won leaving it to burn in the flames of Hell. I am no longer disappointed but am grateful for all things in my life, past and present, for I now see that these opportunities are for me to discover my harmony within. They are the realities of which I have the power to choose the course. I am no longer in the wake but sailing for further adventures. I have rescued myself and accept the call for I was conceived in love and I will not stop with mediocracy.

You were conceived in love and brought to this life to live your own purpose, a service driven purpose. You were born a perfect expression of nature’s greatest miracle. Who’s your favorite Hero? Perhaps join in my journey and discover who it is!

Peace and love be in your heart always

Power – Week 17

We grow up relinquishing power. Choices are not the norm given to a child. Schools teach what you “should” know. Memorization and testing earn you a grade. The opportunity to question or think for oneself is not available. Fit in, compete, be the top of the class are often the dreams of parents. All children understand is how to please them. Individual thoughts are not encouraged.

In your career, following rather than becoming a leader is encouraged. Years and years in these environments create a fear, one I did not even know I had within. A fear of being powerful, thinking for myself, contributing to ideas! That disturbing feeling that if I begin to let this out what may happen. How will others perceive me? Is it safer just being one of the meek? No one will notice me if I am quiet.

As I grow with the Master Key and begin to live by the 7 Laws, I feel as if this outer shell, the sludge piled layer over layer, is melting away. I am feeling powerful and not afraid to voice my thoughts. My ability to control my destiny holds more power than I had ever expected. A person I see in my sirs. My thoughts become my reality and manifest into the new person I have chosen to become. I am a strong, powerful, magnificent creature with a light burning bright for all to see.

Encourage our young ones to think about the things that can be. The person they can be. The ways they can give to others. The way to become powerful magnificent creatures with lights that glow so brightly that they never see the darkness. Become that beacon of power. Imagine, think, grow, and share your power for the good of all. This is a world I think about living in. What about you?

Peace, love, and harmony to you❤️🍷

Seven – Week 16

The Law of Sevens will say that I am to enter into a phase of my life where my activities involve tasks of readjustment, reconstruction, and harmony. At 58 years, I now see that my life is governed by this Law and that these past 2 years have been filled with growth and change. The problem was that I was driving myself in despair trying to fight these changes and not understanding how to convert these challenges into blessings.

Searching for kindness each day has created an opportunity to realize the many blessings around me. Those who gave me words of encouragement, having my career to fall back on when my husband lost his, having the savings and ability to help others save their home, finding and creating my place in a side business to help me make some extra cash, and stumbling across the magnificence that is The Master Key Experience were all blessings in disguise. I will never take them for granted again. Once realized, I can now see that I had the power all along and that the Universe provided me with all that I needed.

As I think about where my future is and how I feel about those changes, I am much more directed and begin to see myself there in my sits. I begin to feel the desire within to be there, to be that person, to gleefully give back in order to receive more than I can imagine. I will not forget that the Universe will provide me with what I desire as long as I am ready to receive it. These next years will be a life changer bringing harmony into my life and moving me however I direct.

Peace and Love


Magnificent Creatures – Week 15

Beginning to read Scroll IV has led me to an enlightened belief within myself. I have been on this beautiful planet for 58 years and it was not until this scroll that I believed that I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Throughout my lifetime, the need to “make others proud” was my life. What I did not consider was that I needed to make myself proud. How often are you doing things to please others, to show them how incredible you are, only to feel less incredible?

As Og states, there is no other with your mind, your, heart, your eyes, your ears, your hands, your hair, your mouth. Celebrate your uniqueness and inspire others with that person who is you. As I think this thought I see the beauty in the individuality that is me, that is my neighbor, that is the person whom I have not met. Understand your value in being that unique creature.

As I posted our weekly thought on my board at work, I could not have imagined that this is what I would come across this morning. It spoke to me and I hope it speaks to you as well.

Live proud and be you❤️