Its been a whirlwind of a week while I spent time at my national conference in Las Vegas. It was a wonderful few days filled with many accolades to those well deserving of many awards. Not just awards for how much money they made, but also awards of character. Some of these fellow Wine Guides set goals and really rocked them! As I continued with my sits each day, I enjoyed being in the moment. I watched the faces of those whose names were announced and also the faces of those whose names were not. I saw much happiness. I saw some sadness too.

I could sense a difference in my emotions from that of some of my fellow wine sisters and brothers. Their expression of disappointment was obvious. I overheard some say, “I wish I could do that”. Others feeling frustrated that they “can’t do that because (insert some reason).”

I began to feel comfort within myself. I did not feel the same way as them. Why?, I questioned. The answer is clear. Throughout this journey these past few months I have learned not to compare myself to others. I am not them and they, not me. I do not know what their journey has been like and they don’t know mine. I do believe that we are all natures miracle❤️. I am where I am, and I don’t ever want to go back to where I was. Peace with myself has finally arrived and it feels wonderful. I have been able to feel true joy for others by not comparing myself to them.

I ask that you try to stop comparing yourself to others. Let go of judgements. Be free and be joyful❤️

Peace and Joy🍷❤️

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