Accumulation – Week 22&22a

Throughout these weeks we have read and heard over and over again, “what idea you plant is the start of the future you”.  The years of germs entering my thoughts and leading to a less than productive crop ate away so much of my life that now in my later years, I find that time is of the essence….or is it?

Now, living in the present and not being stuck in the past or thinking about the future, I know that I am allowed and able to change my life through my thoughts.  “I live this day as if it is my last.” I write my major purpose in life and revise it over and over with the growth I have experienced through the MKE.  I am aware of those things which make me happy and make me feel that I have purpose.  I can identify my feelings, something I have never done before.  I have direction and am the captain of my own boat.

These 22 weeks of journey to the hero I am, has been a total accumulation of much work.  Work I thought I could not complete, but did.  Ideas that were a bit strange to me, but became sensible.  Those people who frustrated me and who I couldn’t possibly love, were greeted with love in my heart. It has not been an easy road for I had to really dig deep, bring up some uncomfortable feelings, sit silently, and work hard.  My actions became filled with love and with that love I did not feel effort any longer. Life became much easier and more fulfilling.

So what good did this all do?  This accumulation has guided me to finish the next part of my life in love, in helping others, in being happy, in wealth, and in understanding.  This accumulation and journey is only a beginning to the new, future me.  Positive things have already begun to happen.  I make decisions which leads to positivity, and I am happy!  My true self knows what I want.  My deepest desires are coming to be.  I am nature’s greatest miracle!  Join my journey in Life after Life.

Peace and love in your heart,


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