It’s obvious that I woke up today as I would not be writing this piece. This phrase has much more meaning however.

As we dig deeper into forming our own thoughts and discovering our magnificent self, week 21 has left me with a new look on life. Being in the moment of today allows me to slow down, to look at what is around me, to revel in the awesomeness of creation.

As I walked through the Museum of Science in California, discovery consumed me. It was everywhere. How many times had I read about our visits into space, the discovery of flying, the principles of movement, the living creatures of our planet, and the ability of mankind to create these wonders? Today was different. I was taking my time, reading, feeling, understanding, and thinking about those who had passed and how wonderful they must have felt to leave a legacy behind. Their contributions to humankind made me feel more fulfilled. I woke up.

I believe that we are all here for a reason. That our thoughts are wondrous and our actions lead to the most amazing discoveries. I used to say, I can do that tomorrow. I would let the fear of what others would think stop me. I realize now that today I must do my best in order to leave that which I was intended for behind. Today is all I have. I do not know if I shall awake tomorrow. I have wasted too many days sleeping but I will not think of yesterday for today is all I have.

Imagine if we ALL did our best today. If we awoke with an idea or made a discovery which benefits all of humankind. If we let our worries go…..for our past we can not change and we do not know what our future holds. Be in your moment TODAY and watch what will happen. Wake up and leave a legacy.

Peace and love be in your heart ❤️


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