Your Legacy – Week 19, 20

I suppose it is not ironic that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is my favorite Christmas movie and that Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I know how corny that sounds but you can ask any of my family and they will tell you that I own a copy of that movie(even though I do not have a DVD player), and I have to watch it every Christmas as well as throughout the year, and I go crazy decorating for the holiday.  For those of you who don’t know this movie, its about a man who believes that, when his life is turned upside down, no one would have missed him if he had never been born and that the world would be a better place without him. It is a must see movie!

As my years pass me by more quickly now, I ponder on how my life has mattered to others. As Clarence (the angel who got his wings) would tell you, “nothing would be here if it weren’t for your birth”.  You are the miracle that breathes life into so many others lives.  So then, what will be my legacy when I have left this mortal world?

As part of our assignment these past few weeks, I have been reading an obituary daily.  I try to imagine what that person’s life was like for them.  What they would have given for just one more day.  What kind of power did that persSon hold and what thoughts did they have?  What legacy did they leave behind?

Appearances are deceptive and no matter how one’s life appears to others, their true being is only as real as their thoughts that manifested it.  We therefore create what we think about and our definite purpose in life only comes to be through our thoughts and our action upon those thoughts.  The actions you take predetermines the condition, evil or good.  If the thought is manifested for the benefit of humanity, the result is good.  If the thought is manifested in a destructive manner, the result is evil.

Was the person in the obituary a good person or an evil one?  Was he/she able to embrace the differences of mankind, identify his/her virtues and gifts?  Did he/she keep his/her promises, was he/she determined and persistent, did he/she have many friends? Did he/she overcome fear and take initiative, was he/she a considerate man/woman, did he/she always do his/her best, did he/she observe the miracles all around him/her, did he/she work hard and plan for the future, did he/she live his life with a purpose?  What would he/she have done next if he/she had only one more day?

I placed my name into this obituary, not in a morbid sense, but in a way that I could answer my own questions.  How many answers did I have for myself? How many years are left for me to make a difference in another person’s life?   I figure I have about 30 Christmas’ left (I used Christmas because it is my favorite time of the year).  What thoughts and actions must I manifest to leave a legacy of goodness?

Try substituting your name.  How many years of your special time of the year do you have left?  What are you going to do next?


May you have Peace and Love in your heart!


5 thoughts on “Your Legacy – Week 19, 20

  1. Just great to read, Denise! The timeline exercise is so powerful for me too. I choose Springs and it’s humbling. I used to be so scared to talk about death, but it’s been liberating to realize that we are all in the same boat and it’s better to think about how to make most use of our time, and who we want to spend it with, than worry about not being immortal!

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  2. How many people would never have been able to afford to live in nice homes, how jobs building, etc whould not have existed if that man had not lived? It was my wife’s favorite movie too. I have seen it many times, albeit not recently. You see my wife died twelv years ago, and I haven’t watched it since. Perhaps I should. Thank you for the inspiration.


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