Week 18 – Pay Attention

As a young child, our parents often told us to “pay attention”.  After all, we have an entire world to learn about!  How often is it that we had difficulty paying attention?  For me, I was paying attention to many things at the same time.  My curious mind was always active.  Those years leading to adulthood had many thoughts squashed.  The world no longer was my adventure.  I would need to focus more on what was necessary to “grow up”.

Through the insight and teachings of the Master Key, I have learned that thought manifests in abundance that which is brought into operation through the law of attraction.  The power of thought (great attention) brings about the equivalent of that thought.  Thought brings together that which you create.  Thoughts of abundance will respond only to similar thoughts and that thought of affluence within is the secret to attraction for affluence without.  The more you give the more you will receive.

In 18:32, it is explained that the incentive of attention is interest and that the greater the interest, the greater the attention. By paying attention, you arouse interest which attracts more attention, producing more interest and so on.  The law of attraction and the law of attention combine to produce the manifestation of your thoughts.

Find what interests you, be attentive to your world around you and within you.  Pay attention to the sounds of nature, the colors in front of you, the beauty in your partner’s face, the innocence of a toddler. Learn about the world while paying attention.  As you practice attention, you will produce more interest, which will increase attention and so on.  You will then cultivate the power of attention which ignites you within, sows the seeds of your thoughts, and manifests your desires.

May peace and love be in your heart always.

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