I Need A Hero – Week 17HJ

Who is your favorite hero? Its funny that I have been asked that several times growing up and often had a hard time identifying someone. I was not a big fan of the cartoon Hero. Years later, I would identify my mom, a four time cancer survivor. Then again, my grandmother, who often gave of herself and never had a bad thing to say about anyone. But I never really thought of myself to be a Hero.

In a million years I never thought I could be a transformer, have strength to fight demons, sacrifice myself for the greater good of others, find powers I never knew I had within. I am a Hero and this hero’s journey is leading me down the path of self discovery. By becoming my authentic self, I am now of service to others. I effect the lives of others around me, personally and professionally, and find myself wanting to help others more and more. I have fought my past blueprint and have won leaving it to burn in the flames of Hell. I am no longer disappointed but am grateful for all things in my life, past and present, for I now see that these opportunities are for me to discover my harmony within. They are the realities of which I have the power to choose the course. I am no longer in the wake but sailing for further adventures. I have rescued myself and accept the call for I was conceived in love and I will not stop with mediocracy.

You were conceived in love and brought to this life to live your own purpose, a service driven purpose. You were born a perfect expression of nature’s greatest miracle. Who’s your favorite Hero? Perhaps join in my journey and discover who it is!

Peace and love be in your heart always

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