Power – Week 17

We grow up relinquishing power. Choices are not the norm given to a child. Schools teach what you “should” know. Memorization and testing earn you a grade. The opportunity to question or think for oneself is not available. Fit in, compete, be the top of the class are often the dreams of parents. All children understand is how to please them. Individual thoughts are not encouraged.

In your career, following rather than becoming a leader is encouraged. Years and years in these environments create a fear, one I did not even know I had within. A fear of being powerful, thinking for myself, contributing to ideas! That disturbing feeling that if I begin to let this out what may happen. How will others perceive me? Is it safer just being one of the meek? No one will notice me if I am quiet.

As I grow with the Master Key and begin to live by the 7 Laws, I feel as if this outer shell, the sludge piled layer over layer, is melting away. I am feeling powerful and not afraid to voice my thoughts. My ability to control my destiny holds more power than I had ever expected. A person I see in my sirs. My thoughts become my reality and manifest into the new person I have chosen to become. I am a strong, powerful, magnificent creature with a light burning bright for all to see.

Encourage our young ones to think about the things that can be. The person they can be. The ways they can give to others. The way to become powerful magnificent creatures with lights that glow so brightly that they never see the darkness. Become that beacon of power. Imagine, think, grow, and share your power for the good of all. This is a world I think about living in. What about you?

Peace, love, and harmony to you❤️🍷

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