Seven – Week 16

The Law of Sevens will say that I am to enter into a phase of my life where my activities involve tasks of readjustment, reconstruction, and harmony. At 58 years, I now see that my life is governed by this Law and that these past 2 years have been filled with growth and change. The problem was that I was driving myself in despair trying to fight these changes and not understanding how to convert these challenges into blessings.

Searching for kindness each day has created an opportunity to realize the many blessings around me. Those who gave me words of encouragement, having my career to fall back on when my husband lost his, having the savings and ability to help others save their home, finding and creating my place in a side business to help me make some extra cash, and stumbling across the magnificence that is The Master Key Experience were all blessings in disguise. I will never take them for granted again. Once realized, I can now see that I had the power all along and that the Universe provided me with all that I needed.

As I think about where my future is and how I feel about those changes, I am much more directed and begin to see myself there in my sits. I begin to feel the desire within to be there, to be that person, to gleefully give back in order to receive more than I can imagine. I will not forget that the Universe will provide me with what I desire as long as I am ready to receive it. These next years will be a life changer bringing harmony into my life and moving me however I direct.

Peace and Love


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