Week One

Welcome to my site!

This is an exciting time in my life as it is for many other baby boomers.  As we turn the pages of our past life as wife, mother, daughter, employee…we begin to look out on our future and what lies ahead.  The kids are gone, grandchildren have arrived, some have grown, our parents have become more frail, agility has left our body, yet our minds are rich with thought and desire.  I am estatic in believing that we can make life increasingly rich and abundant in the many years to come.  Question is…how?

I have embarked on a new journey of “self action”.  That’s right, I did not say “self help”.  The Master Key Experience is new to me yet touches on many of my beliefs which I am once again unburrying from the inner depths of my soul.  I am excited and hopeful that, through our sharing, someone’s life may be touched and improved upon in what ever way they desire.

Will you share my journey and join me as we share our experiences together and begin new chapters in our Life After Life.